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Fencing Cape Town

Fencing Cape Town


Securing your property with a quality fence or perimeter wall is essential to safety at home or a commercial property.

Fencing Quotations provide a professional introduction service between clients and contractors.

Are you considering installing a fence around your home or business? There are a number of reasons why property owners choose to invest in a fence. From added curb appeal and increased property value to safety, there are several purposes residential and commercial fencing can fulfill. So, is investing in a fence a wise financial decision?

As soon as a fence is installed, there is no longer a question of where the property line exists. This is extremely important because as time goes by, neighboring properties may change hands. However, having a fence that is already installed will only help to make any communication you have with your neighbors friendlier and less contentious. For example, it will be clear to neighbors on either side of the fence who is responsible for pruning the shrubs and who is responsible for mowing the grass. By not leaving any vegetation in the ‘gray’ area, you will be able to maintain your landscape and your neighbor will be able to do the same.

Increase Your Property’s Value By Installing A Fence

As previously stated, making an investment by installing a fence can potentially yield you a high return whenever you decide to sell your home. Home buyers will appreciate a property that already has a durable safety and privacy fence installed. However, you will need to be aware that the type of fence you choose will be instrumental in determining not only the resell value of the home, but also the number of home buyers that are interested in it.

We provide quotations for the below mentioned as well as custom requests:

Palisade Fence

Electric Fence

Perimeter Wall

Beta Fence

Clearvu Fencing

Steel Fence

Wire Fence

Wood Fence

Driveway Gates

Aluminium Gates

Sliding Gates

If you are planning a new fence please contact us and we can provide you with 3 quotations from quality contractors in Cape Town.

We also provide Agricultural fencing quotations.

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